Monday, June 27, 2011

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE guarantees a successful life What is your opinion?

          Academic excellent guaranteed a successful life, do you agree with that statement? Based on my opinion, I disagree with this statement. I have a number of reasons why I disagree academic excellent guaranteed a successful life. 
          First, why I disagree academic excellent guaranteed a successful life because not everyone has a good education will get a good job and will make their lives a success. For example, many people today can live happily with only  SPM but held on to those who hold bachelor's certificates. most of them are qualified to the extent SPM ahead of other than those who have a bachelor's certificates.
           Secondly, to get success in life, not necessarily with higher education, we must also have skills in technical fields. In addition, the present technical skills are very important to get a good job. For example, many of those who only have technical skills, to achieve a successful life.
          Lastly, apart from the experience in the working environment is also important for successful life. For example, if we spend much time we are in places of higher learning, we do not get a lot of experience and hard work to get a good job to ensure a good life in the future.
           In conclusion, academic excellent do not guaranteed a successful life without effort . Success in life requires patience without a sense of despair. Not academic excellent guaranteed a successful life    , but hard work without a sense of despair is very important.